Today on Moments of Clarity, I am speaking to Danny Bader. 


Danny Bader is a best-selling author and inspirational coach whose life was transformed by a near death experience more than 20 years ago. Through his journey of struggle and recovery, Danny earned some real life, first hand expertise in turning tragedy into purpose and harnessing the power of vision to live a happier, more productive and more fulfilled life.


In 2007, he created a business that aims to help others truly understand themselves by creating a powerful vision for their futures. Danny has distilled his philosophy for a fulfilling life into 5 principles he calls jckrbbt®. His unique framework helps people craft vision, renew energy, and leverage positive mindsets to get out of the monotony and discouragement they have been stuck in for far too long. Danny has traveled the world speaking and leading thousands of life changing workshops to help individuals manage their focus and leverage their personal vision and goals for a higher rate of success. 


Danny has written 4 books; ‘Back From Heaven's Front Porch: 5 Principles To Create A Happy And Fulfilling Life’, ‘Abraham's Diner: Simple Wisdom For More Control, Focus, And Inspiration’, ‘I Met Jesus For A Miller Lite’ and ‘Back To Life, The Path of Resilience’. Danny also has a podcast called “Back to Life” that is available anywhere you listen to podcasts and is well worth subscribing. 


Danny and I spoke around the time of RUOK Day in Australia, a day that shines light on the suffering many people go through on a daily basis. Today’s conversation delves into some of the reasons we struggle to find happiness and satisfaction and why many of us despair and dwell when faced with challenges. Danny talks about his journey of coming back from the brink of a deep dark depression and how he developed a vision to be happy and hopeful again. I took so much out of my chat with Danny and believe everyone will walk away from this conversation with some extra tools on the toolbelt as we journey through life. 


Thank you for listening to Moments of Clarity.



Twitter: @_DannyBader

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