Today on Moments of Clarity, I speak to Stuart Barry. 


Stuart is an environmentalist, philanthropist, and is an award-winning financial adviser. He is a public speaker and owner of a successful Tasmanian business specialised in retirement planning for professionals using ethical and green investments. He has also volunteered his time to serve on  seven boards across a range of social and environmental issues.


After many years working in the global financial markets, Stuart realised he was not aligning his values and his actions but actively participating in a system that was causing permanent damage to the environment. Through travel, family and soul searching, Stuart was able to leave the high paying job and life in the fast lane for a more simple life in Hobart. Stuart's journey is incredible and illustrates the power we have as individuals to make choices that make us happy and are not a burden on our planet. 


Stuart is the author of “The Rich Greenie”. In this book, he combines his decades of financial expertise with his love of the planet. Stuart Barry is a man on a mission. He is dedicated to educating and empowering people who care about how they can use the power of their finances to live a rich life and continue their great efforts to save the planet, while enjoying a high standard of living.


I am so excited to bring this conversation to you today. Not only is it full of wisdom, insight and storytelling but Stuart unpacks some of the practical actions each and every one of us can take to have a more positive relationship with our planet. 


To find out more about Stuart or to start finding ways to ethically invest your money, follow the links below:


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