Today's guest on Moments of Clarity is Jane Rawson.

Jane is a journalist, essayist, author, climate communicator and environmentalist. She has travelled the world as a writer for Lonely Planet, been the Environment Editor for The Conversation, worked for both Government and Not For Profits and is now Communications Coordinator for the Tasmanian Land  Conservancy. 

Jane and I discuss hope, fear, grief and drive in the face of climate change, trying to communicate with conspiracy theorists, the problems with capitalism, being a hypocrite, writing and creativity, being risk averse, why nature is beautiful, aligning our values and our actions and much more.

Jane Rawson’s latest novel is From the wreck. She is also the author of A wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists, a novella, Formaldehyde, and the non-fiction book The Handbook: surviving & living with climate change. You can also find Jane’s short stories online and read her most recent article “Where can you be safe in this world? Maybe we're asking the wrong question” within the essay series Fire, Flood and Plague - essays about 2020 in The Guardian Australia.


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